Social Media Links and other GBN 83 related sites

Website - GBN Class of 1983

    This website hosts our complete class list as well as other documents maintained by the directory team. Class pictures for grade school and junior high can also be found here.

Public Facebook Page - GBN Class of 1983

    Our public Facebook page is available for members, visitors, and non-Facebook users. We use this page to publish reunion, event, and other public information regarding GBN Class of 1983.

Private Facebook Group - GBN Class of 1983

    Our private Facebook group can be found at the link above. You must be a Facebook member to join this group. Membership is restricted to verified Class of 1983 members or approved affiliates.

Twitter - GBN Class of 1983

    We don't tweet much, but when we do you will find our GBN 83 tweets at the above link.

Instagram - GBN Class of 1983

    Our Instagram account is a bit sparse, but once people follow us you can be sure that we'll LOVE everyone of their dog and cat posts. - GBN 1983

    Some of our classmates maintain profiles on the site. Unfortunately membership by class is not controlled so you may find duplicate, wrong, and possible fake information on this site. - Glenbrook North

    This site is listed as the "GBN Alumni Portal" under the Alumni section of the current Glenbrook North website. As of April 2017, there are 44 records for our classmates, but two of these are duplicates.

Glenbrook North High School

    Link to the current Glenbrook North High School site.

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